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Extracting and cleaning tomato and pepper seeds in Vietnam

Seed Processing Holland has provided Lam Tai Co. Ltd. in Vietnam with several seed processing machines to extract and clean tomato and pepper seeds. Lam Tai Co. Ltd. is a professional hybrid seed production company which mainly multiplies tomato- and pepper seeds for different companies worldwide.

Lam Tai Co. Ltd. has been a customer of Seed Processing Holland for over 10 years. The first contact with the company was established during a visit by Mr. Henry Lai, one of the managers, to the Netherlands. He visited our office in Enkhuizen and spoke with Paul Koomen, Area Sales Manager APAC, about the possibility of using a Laboratory Seed Gravity Separator to clean seeds.

Finally based on Paul’s advice this resulted in the delivery of the Seed Brushing Machine, type 4600.00.00, and the Laboratory Seed Gravity Separator, SGS-040, to clean and separate the tomato and pepper seeds.

In the meantime, the machinery has been extended with a Seed Extraction Machine, SEM-010, and a Seed Air Screen Cleaning machine, type 4601.00.00 to be able to extract and to further clean off the seeds.

Lam Tai Co. Ltd. is very satisfied with the good quality, effectiveness, and durability of the machines. Mr. Henry Lai is happy with the pleasant cooperation and accuracy of Seed Processing Holland.

More about Lam Tai Co. Ltd.
The company is situated in Dalat – Vietnam. Dalat is situated approximately 1.500 meters above sea level. Through this Dalat has a moderate climate than for example Ho Chi Minh City.

There are 3 focal activities:

  1. Hybrid seed production mainly of hot and sweet pepper and tomato
  2. Production research on customers request
  3. Grow Out Trials (GOT) on customers request

The way they do their production:

  • 100% in-house production in our home farms.
  • We provide multi-seasonal production services using protected or semi-protected environments.
  • All of the plants are grown in substrate pot with drip irrigation system.

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