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Installing complete new seed processing plant for The Kiban in Korea

The Kiban Co., Ltd.. is established in 2015, under the parent company of Noroo Group (a top chemical company in South Korea). The Kiban is a vegetable seeds breeding company. Their main crops include tomato, melon, pepper, cabbage, radish and Chinese cabbage. They have a 17 hectare R&D station at its disposal with mostly greenhouses and processing plants, biotechnology and R&D buildings.

Their goal was to get complete control of the processing and treatment of their seeds with equipment that would ensure the quality of the seed. In order to do this, The Kiban needed machines for a brand new facility which would mainly be drying, coating, and cleaning seeds. Based on their internal expectations of capacities and functions they reached out to Seed Processing Holland for the right machines.

Complete new plant
The Kiban wanted to create a full processing and treatment plant and thus needed several machines from different product categories, but mainly for seed drying, coating, and cleaning. Together with Paul Koomen, Area Sales Manager APAC they designed the new processing plant. In total more than 15 machines were installed, amongst them a seed mixing installation, seed gravity separator, conditioning unit, calibrating machine, laboratory brushing machine, seed centrifuge, and film coating machines.

The results
In terms of capacity, the machines definitely meet the expectations capacity wise. In addition, the user-friendliness and the ease with which the machines are cleaned were much appreciated. The Kiban was a start-up company that, by using the Seed Processing Holland machines, was able to execute the complete array of seed treatment processes. Their first profit was successfully made by using this new seed processing line.

The future
According to Jin Seob Han, Assistant Manager: “the cooperation and experiences with Seed Processing Holland were precise, prompt, and warm. We really appreciated the professional pieces of advice and warm welcome when we were visiting Enkhuizen. Our next steps together with Seed Processing Holland will be to advance our machines and expand the laboratory machines.”

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